Frequently Asked Questions!

When do I pick up my Tuxedo?

Tuxedos are guaranteed one day before the event.

What is your Return Policy?

All orders must be returned the next business day following the event. Please check the location hours. There is a $20 late fee for every day that an order is late.  All items must be returned including cuff links.2

Can I measure myself for a tuxedo rental?

No. An inaccurate measurement that may be off by only an inch may get you a tuxedo coat that’s one or two sizes too big or small. It is best to rely on an authorized formal wear specialist to measure you for your formal affair.

Why aren’t there any tuxedo rental prices posted on your website?

Tuxedo rental prices can vary dramatically from market to market. It would be impossible for us to post accurate prices on this website for each retailer. Many of our retailers run special, localized promotions and pricing programs to benefit the consumer.

My groomsmen are located all throughout the country. How do I collect their measurements and get the information to Gentleman’s Choice?

Don’t stress!  Have your groomsmen use their local men’s suit or tuxedo store to get the measurements and just email them to us!  You can also go to the Tuxedo Fit website and submit them there.

I just tried on my tuxedo and certain items don’t fit. Now what?

No worries! Gentlemen’s Choice will be able to handle any   last minute alterations or replacements at the time of your final fitting in store. If someone else picked up your tux for you, call our Omaha store immediately and we’ll fix it for you

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